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January 2010 Issue January 2010 (17.1 MB)
In This issue:
* Borneo Natives Proclaim Tropical Forest Reserve
* What Are We Doing to Creation?
* Over 100 Icebergs Drifting to New Zealand
* Youth Actions Command Attention at Climate Summit
* Friend of OE Reports from Copenhagen
* The Scoop on Soap

Here are the past issues:
December 2009 Issue December 2009 (24.2 MB)
In This issue:
* People Learn Hazards of Drilling
* Greenland Ice Cap Melt Accelerating
* What the World Needs Now: 350 ppm CO2
* Stop Militarization of Schools
* They Had to Destroy the Planet to Save It
November 2009 Issue November 2009 (18.8 MB)
In This issue:
* Blue Light Threatens Animals and People
* Sea Otters Granted Habitat Protection
* Students & Residents Worried About WWI Munitions in D.C.
* Taking Aim at Energy-Sucking TVs
* OE Friends Get Creative in Spreading These Newspaper Around Town
October 2009 Issue October 2009 (20.6 MB)
In This issue:
* Wild Horse in America
* Protecting the “People’s Park” at Jekyll Island, Georgia
* Spies in the Classroom
* School Cops Are Being Armed With 50,000-Volt Tasers
* Auto Worker Activists Urge Halt to Tar Sands Projects
September 2009 Issue September 2009 (19.7 MB)
In This issue:
* Should Nature Be Able to Take You to Court?
* Taking Shorter Showers Doesn’t Cut It
* Coal Group Reveals Forged Lobbying Letters
* Where Do Rainforest People and Forests Stand in Climate Talks?
* German Suburb Goes Carless
* Is the Environment Making Us Fat and Sick?
August 2009 Issue August 2009 (22.1 MB)
In This issue:
* The Uprising in the Amazon is More Urgent than Iran’s
* PA Legislation to Protect Local Water Supply Advances
* DEP Orders U.S. Energy to Stop Drilling in PA
* Guide Helps Gardeners Become Leaders of Local Food Movement
* Cell Phones and Children Don’t Mix
July 2009 Issue July 2009 (25.4 MB)
In This issue:
* Homeland Security, Personal Health and Environmental Health
* My Personal “Take” on White Nose Bat Syndrome
* U.S. Accused of Slowing Progress at Bonn Climate Talks
* Green Party Joins Ballot Access Lawsuit
* Doctors Want to Ban Genetically Manipulated Food
June 2009 Issue June 2009 (22 MB)
In This issue:
* Ecuador Recognizes Nature’s Rights
* Butterflies Vanishing
* Paper and Fuel Wood Biggest Stresses on Forests
* Our Work Pays off Incinerator on Hold
* Mountaintop Removal Activist Wins International Award
* Gettysburg College Students Act on Behalf of Displaced People
May 2009 Issue May 2009 (31.1 MB)
In This issue:
* The Forest Wins
* The Mountains Win
* Group Wants Polluting Erie Coke Shut Down
* World-Wide Transition Towns Movement Comes to New Jersey
* Forests Are The Answer
* New Data Shows Arctic Ice Cap Thinning
Arpil 2009 Issue April 2009 (21.2 MB)
In This issue:
* U.S. Energy Future Hits Snag in Rural PA
* Tipping Point Near Warn UN and World Bank
* Warming Causes Massive Tree Die-Off
* Whale War on the High Seas
* Low-Carbon Diet Reaching College Campuses
March 2009 Issue March 2009 (34.1 MB)
In This issue:
* Please help save Coal River Mountain!
* 14 Arrested Protecting Coal River Mountain
* A Vision for Blair Mountain
* Indigenous People Say Save the Amazon Rainforest
* Natural Gas Drilling Endangers Water Supplies
* Teach Kids to Revere Earth’s Beauty, Bounty
February 2009 Issue February 2009 (27.9 MB)
In This issue:
* Beyond the Point of No Return
* Who Owns Mineral Rights?
* Natural Gas Drilling Endangers Water Supplies
* Fighting Greedy Defense Lobbyists
* 5 Ways to Usher in New Green Age

January 2009 Issue In this issue:
January 2009 (28.7 MB)
In This issue:
* Plankton Death Bloom: A Warning on EarthJustice Works to Stop Mongolian Mining
* Is Natural Gas Drilling Endangering U.S. Water Supplies?
* Students Learn About Blowing Up Mountains for Coal
* Next Generation of Earth Caretakers
* Finding the American Chestnut

December 2008 Issue December 2008 (32.7 MB)
In This issue:
* Rimrock Trilogy
* What If Power Towers Came Your Way?
* Methane Time Bomb
* Groups Sue to Stop Drilling in Allegheny Forest
* 10th Wetlands Convention

November 2008 Issue November 2008 (9.6 MB)
In This issue:
* Are Police Spying on MD Citizens?
* Carbon Building Up in Atmosphere Faster Than Predicted
* Shrewsbury Takes Stand for Community Self-Government Against Sludgers
* Endgame by Derrick Jensen
* RNC Charges Dropped Against Goodman and Democracy Now! Producers
* Forest Peoples Demand Seat at Climate Talks
October 2008 Issue October 2008 (9.5 MB)
September 2008 Issue September 2008 (8.7 MB)
August 2008 Issue August 2008 (13.2 MB)
July 2008 Issue July 2008 (5.7 MB)
June 2008 Issue June 2008 (8.4 MB)

May 2008 Issue May 2008 (9.7 MB)

April 2008 Issue April 2008 (7.4 MB)

March 2008 Issue March 2008 (3.7 MB)

February 2008 Issue February 2008 (4.3 MB)

January 2008 Issue January 2008 (4.3 MB)

December 2007 Issue December 2007 (4.3 MB)

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September 2007 Issue September 2007 (2.2 MB)